News 2016

Machine-tool fleet was renovated at Volzhsky Tube Plant

Two INNSE coupling sleeve machines were commissioned after the capital repair of the third pipe rolling workshop at Volzhsky Tube Plant.


Complete renovation of the coupling sleeve machines is a significant event for the pipe rolling workshop No.3 (PRW-3). This equipment is complicated and heavy and its full-sized repair usually takes place at specialized factories. For this purpose machines should be dismantled and sent to the repairing companies. Thus two years ago two INNSE coupling sleeve machines were sent for complete renovation.
The repair took place in Germany but supervising and assembling services were executed by engineers from Russian company Unimatic. During the renovation besides the replacements of overaged units the machines were partially modernized. Robots with improved structure for couplings load/unload, supports, spindles, new pocket-type doors and other innovation units were installed at the machines. Mr. Sergey Fedyanin, the head foreman of the coupling section, points out that even the machine’s appearance was changed and today operators stay in a queue to work on these machines.
Besides visual technical changes the machines has proved their reliability in work already. The first machine after renovation was put into experimental industrial production in May 2016, the second machine – in August 2016. According to Mr. Sergey Fedyanin the renovated machines produce, at average, more by 2 couplings per hour.
At the moment two lines of machines, named after the manufactured companies, INNSE and EMAG, are working at the couplings production sector of PRW-3. INNSE machines were put into operation together with the workshop in 1990 so the equipment has been worked out big resources for the former period. In 2000s Volzhsky Tube Plant was included in TMK group and gradual renovation of Machine-tool fleet was begun. INNSE line consists of five coupling sleeve machines. The first capital repair was done at 1st INNSE machine in 2000, then - at the 5th machine in 2013, and the 3rd and 4th machines have been just returned from renovation. Taking into account the fact that the new line of EMAG machines was commissioned in 2008 we can say that the fleet of coupling sleeve machines has been renewed practically completely for the former 15 years at Volzhsky Tube Plant.
INNSE line produces couplings with diameters from 187,7 mm to 365 mm. The main specialization is connections with regular thread: OTTM and OTGT tapered thread, «Buttress», LS, STC. Gradually the production of premium threaded connections is adopted by the personnel at this line, the technological capacity of INNSE machines provides possibility to cut premium threads on couplings with very small diameters. For example this year Volzhsky Tube Plant has executed an order for production of couplings with diameter of 200,03 mm with TMK UP PF connection made of steel 13 Cr. Renovation of production facilities of INNSE line will make it possible to satisfy the currently growing demand for thin walled tubes with small diameters and couplings for them.

The material was taken from the edition «Volzhsky Trubnik».
Author: Olga Permyakova
Photo: Anatoly Vdovenko