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Turning chucks and clamping tooling

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UNIMATIC is the official dealer of SECO, ISCAR, WALTER in Russia. Within our engineering projects, we supply tools and equipment directly from our partners’ stocks in Europe.

Our significant experience in implementation of advanced technologies, and design of automatic lines and workshops from leading European and Japanese machine manufacturers has shown that high-tech machinery works to its full capacity only if used together with high-quality tooling, engineering software, and operated by qualified personnel. The right combination of all of the above mentioned allows the customer to manufacture competitive, high-quality products.

UNIMATIC’s Engineering Department offers the following engineering services:

  • making quotations with detailed description of tooling;
  • development of machining processes;
  • 3D-modeling and simulation of part machining using CAD / CAM-systems;
  • creating control programs and their implementation in the customer’s machines;
  • design and production of special tools according to drawings or the customer's technical requirements;
  • testing tools on the customer’s site;
  • seminars and training for the customer’s personnel in tool effective use;
  • technical consulting about tool use.