For higher educational establishments and colleges

Today the competition of Russian machine-building plants with their Western colleagues is growing increasingly.
In order to be competitive Russian manufactures have started modernization of production facilities and re-engineering.
Machine-tool fleet is renewed with German, Italian, Czech and Japan equipment; machines are equipped with different kinds of CNC systems: Siemens, Fanuc, Hedenhain, Fagor, etc. Therefore the requirements to operating, engineering and technical personnel are becoming higher.  Training and skill improvement of CNC operators and programmers are becoming the high-priority task.

  • Why special training equipment is necessary?

In order to provide machine-building enterprises with skilled personnel it is necessary to have professional education and special training which allow to speed up significantly the educative process and raise the level of practical knowledge. From the other hand, system of industrial training also has to be improved. According to the traditional factory concept of learning recent graduates need to spend a lot of time to be trained at real machine which has to be excluded from manufacturing process during the training. Besides there are more risks in damaging of high cost equipment due to fault of inexperienced worker.

  • Unimatic solution

Due to close collaboration with Arinstein Company (Germany) we were the first in Russian market to offer the full package of educational products including EMCO (Austria) interactive classrooms for different CNC systems (Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Fagor), machines with CNC for training, training manuals for professors and students and all the necessary software in Russian language. Universal user-friendly educational system has become very popular in Russia.

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